Friday, September 28, 2018

Spring Market 2018: Better (Super) Late than Never...?

So the mornings are getting cooler and the leaves are starting to change.  Fall is here, despite what the 88 degree day today would have you believe.  So because I am trying to get back on the blog wagon, I went through my posts and said, out loud, "Well shit."  Why?  Because it is three days away from OCTOBER, and I haven't posted diddly or squat about the SPRING International Quilt Market, which was in Portland this year. 

Go. Me.

I don't have much to say about Market that you haven't read somewhere else, probably months ago  It's big, it's busy, it's inspiring, and holy crap was I tired on Sunday!  So, SO well worth it though...I with we could make it to Houston for Fall Market (in October) but that's not in the cards this year. 

So uh, sorry not sorry but this is going to be a big ol' picture dump.  Hold on to ya butts, here we go. First up? 

The Quilts
These pretty much speak for themselves.  The artistry here is just incredible.  "Not real art" my ass.

This was from a Schoolhouse class with Pepper Cory.  She was dry and somewhat sarcastic.  I liked her.  

From the Shannon booth.  Goes to show how far minky and other textured non-cotton fabrics have come.  

Unicorn stuffie (there you go, Isabelle!)

 Mom really liked the minkies

From the Turtle Hand Batiks booth

More Turtle Hand.  I liked the quilting.

DIVERSITY IN QUILTING.  What a great thing to see!  Quilters aren't just older white women!

Oh Dear! by Christine Yi

 Enchantment by Julie S. Brandon, Kathi D. Everett, and Valerie J. Schultz

 Adventures in Wonderland by Fabia Diniz Mendonca.  This was a WOW.  I wish it were easier to get good pictures of the quilting.  It was just phenomenal.

Marchen (Fairy Tale) by Kayoko Hibino.  MY FAVORITE. 

The Recipe of Happiness by Anna Orduna Pons.  Sew, eat, sleep, repeat!  

Identity Crisis by Helen Godden and Jonathon S. Evans.  Quilts aren't art?!

At the Waterhole by Sheila Finzer 

Anne's Favorite Cherry Tree Road in Avonlea by Mutsuko Shindo and Nine Friends

 Blossoming by Diane Rusin Doran

 Infinitely Poppy Field by Yoko Sakaguchi and Ten Friends

Zen by Yuko Murakami 

 I mean, goddamn!

 A Village for All Seasons by Karen Eckmeier 

Old Timer by Suzan Engler 

 My Town and Country by Shirley Guier.  I JUST got this book and I cannot wait to get cracking on it!!

 Woven Journey by Claudia Pfeil



 I bought this pattern.  Kirby is ALWAYS a win in my book!!

The Booths

 A really great, blurry picture of Anna Maria Horner

 Mom's new machine.

No, seriously. 



 Did you know the company Michael Miller isn't a guy named Michael Miller?  She is the "Miller" of Michael Miller!
 Mom and I geeking out over our friend Kelly's display.  (Those things turned) Kelly is awesome.

 Naturally I cannot find my picture with Tula Pink!  It's just as well, it of course had to be the one time, as a person who is ALWAYS COLD, that I was burning up and sweaty and probably gross.

The woman who formerly hated handwork is now all about these Violet Craft EPP patterns.  She was already in progress with the owl.

Our media guy really seemed to enjoy himself 

No, really. 
(He did most of the time, actually.  He put out a lot of good video and interviews for the shop's Facebook.  I just like to give him shit.  Don't worry, I get it back.)

The Loot
With Market comes freebies...and least "little" stuff you can buy too.  This is what I ended up getting and/or buying

 Don't tell me what to do!  Actually these are cute and I have these in mind for a gift.

 I've actually done this one, and it was adorable, and so this is already given away.

 I won this in Schoolhouse!  

And she was nice enough to sign it for me!  I was just tickled.  I just got another one of her books too. 

So that's "it."  I can't wait until it comes around again.  Just looking at the pictures makes me feel inspired all over again!

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